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PROMASEAL® Fire Compound

Product description

A gypsum cement, high strength firestopping compound used to fill openings in rigid walls and floors. Provides up to 240 minutes fire protection.

Available in 25Kg bags.


  • For sealing openings required for the passage of services. 
  • Up to 240 minutes fire resistance for walls and floors
  • Can support temporary loadings.
  • Non combustible
  • Can be mixed on site for either pourable or trowel application.
  • CE marked
  • Good acoustic performance

Fields of application

PROMASEAL® Fire Compound is a specially formulated powder mortar and is supplied as a dry white powder for on-site addition of water.  It can be poured or trowelled into position for sealing openings required for the passage of services through walls and floors, preventing the spread of fire and smoke into another compartment.

The powder should always be added to water to ensure complete wetting.  As a guide, in wall applications where a stiffer mix is required, it is suggested that a mixing ratio of 2 parts PROMASEAL® Fire Compound to 1 part water (by volume).  Where a pouring grade is required it is suggested that the ratio should be 3 part compound to 2 parts water (by volume).

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Declaration of Performance:
No. 1121-CPR-15/0569-2017/10

Third party certificates:
Certifire Approval - No. CF425

PROMASEAL® Fire Stopping Installation Guide