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PROMASEAL® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant - Grey

Product description

Promat PROMASEAL® Intumescent Acrylic Sealant is a fire stopping sealant for walls and floors, used to seal joints up to 50mm wide. Allows for ± 10% movement.

Available in 310 ml tubes.


  • Tested to BS and EN Standards
  • Up to 240 minutes fire resistance
  • CE Marked
  • Certifire Approval
  • Excellent adhesion to most surface types
  • Non hardening, tack free, air curing sealant

Fields of application

PROMASEAL® Sealants will adhere to most construction materials. Very porous surfaces may need to be wetted with clean water to prevent too rapid drying of the sealant before proper cure.  If in doubt, the sealant should be applied to a small length of joint and examined, or the Promat Technical Services Department should be contacted.  All surfaces should be clean, dry, oil, dust and grease-free and loose paint should be removed from steel.

Related Documents

Safety Data Sheet  - July 2016 - Issue 5
Product Data Sheet - 2017-08

Declaration of Performance:
Linear Joint Seals -  No. 1121-CPR-15/0571-2017/10
Penetration Seals - DOP No. 1121-CPR-15/0572-2017/10

Third Party Certificates:
Certifire Certificate - No CF431
PROMASEAL® Fire Stopping Installation Guide