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PROMASEAL® Silicone Sealant - White

Product description

PROMASEAL® Silicone Sealant is a flexible silicone-based fire stopping sealant used to seal gaps in walls and floors.

The sealant cures in air to form a non-hardening, tack-free seal, preventing the passage of smoke and toxic gases and fire.
Available in 310 ml tubes.


  • Up to 240 minutes fire resistance
  • Allows for +/- 25% movement
  • CE marked
  • Certifire Approval
  • Prevents the passage of smoke, toxic gases and fire
  • Excellent adhesion to most surface types
  • Can be used in fully exposed applications

Fields of application

PROMASEAL® Silicone sealant is used to seal gaps and holes in constructions requiring up to 240 minutes fire resistance.

Related Documents

Safety Data Sheet - July 2016 - Issue 5
Product Data Sheet - 2017 -08

Declaration of Performance:
DOP No 1121-CPR-15/0570-2017/10

Third party Certificates:
Certifire Certificate - No CF 424

PROMASEAL® Fire Stopping Installation Guide