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Product description

PROMASEAL® COLLAR comprises of an intumescent component incorporated into a mild steel case and is designed and tested to seal plastic and insulated metal pipes.


  • Supplied pre-assembled, available in variety of sizes 55 - 160mm 
  • Ease of fixing to suit location – 5 fixing types tested (fixings not supplied)
  • Can be fixed directly to PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier batts. 
  • Up to 240 minutes fire resistance
  • UL-EU Approval
  • Allows thermal and mechanical movement of the pipe.
  • Halogen free, contains no asbestos, ceramic or mineral fibres.
  • UL-EU Approval

Fields of application

PROMASEAL® Collars are used to seal plastic and insulated metal pipe penetrations and bunches of cables installed in a wide variety of substrates including flexible and rigid walls, rigid floors and in the PROMASEAL® Fire Barrier System.

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